When most people think about addiction, they think about things like drugs or alcohol. While both of these things can produce strong addictions, people can also be addicted to certain activities and one of the most common addictions is to gambling. A gambling addiction may be dependent on a wide range of activities, from bingo to slots to poker, and learning more about this harmful condition can help you deal with it in the future.

A gambling addiction might also be called compulsive gambling, and one way that it starts is through the use of gambling to deal with problems. For example, negative feelings like depression, fear and anxiety can all trigger an episode of gambling compulsively. A person who has problems like this may think that they are due for some good luck, or that a single lucky streak can change things around for them. The chance of success lets them get away from their own problems for a while, and they do not think that there are other, healthier ways for them to solve their problems.

If you suspect that you or that someone you know has a gambling addiction, there are some signs to watch out for. First, a gambling addict tends to be secretive about their gambling. They may choose to gamble away from their friends or family, thinking that they won’t understand. They may have problems limiting how much money they spend or how long they do it. Some gambling addicts will gamble even when they no longer have any money to gamble with.

If you are concerned that you have gambling problem, take the time to listen to what your friends and family say. In many cases, even if the gambling addict has taken the time and effort to hide their activities, their friends and their families still know. Consult with them and be honest about how much gambling you have been doing.

Similarly, keep track of your own impulses. Can you walk away from the table when you say you will? If you are constantly pushing the time when you have to leave back and back, this indicates that you have an issue with control.

When you think that you or someone in your life has an addiction problem, remember that there is help out there. There are programs that are geared towards helping people recover from this issue, and you’ll soon find that there are plenty of avenues to try.